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Saving Lives and Improving Care Through Creative Solutions
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. has built a successful product development process to match requirements with solutions.  As a technological contributor to the medical device industry, HemCon products serve a unique set of needs within the medical community.  Across a short time horizon, HemCon has produced inventions to satisfy the most critical issues.
 HemCon Patch® PRO
HemCon Patch Hemostatic BandageNewly designed hemostatic
HemCon Patch PRO provides the
ultimate in flexibility, comfort and
 HemCon® Bandages PRO
HemCon Patch Hemostatic Bandage in the Cath LabA family of HemCon® Bandages PRO - hemostatic dressings in a variety of sizes for a broad spectrum of uses.
 ChitoFlex® PRO Hemostatic Dressings
HemCon ChitoFlex DressingA family of ChitoFlex® PRO Hemostatic Dressings – a selection of stuffable wound dressings with the same hemostatic properties as HemCon Bandage PRO, but conducive to narrow wound tracks
 GuardaCare®XR Surgical
HemCon’s hemostatic technology now available as an x-ray detectable, temporary surgical dressing with an indication for severe bleeding control of surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.
 ChitoGauze® PRO & GuardaCare® PRO
ChitoGauze PRO & GuardaCare PRO are highly flexible, uniquely formulated, chitosan coated hemostatic gauze dressings.
 HemCon® Dental Dressings
A family of HemCon® Dental Dressings – a choice in oral wound dressings to protect oral mucosal tissue and reduce pain.
 Synaero™ Hemostatic Gel
An innovative hemostatic gel for bleeding control during and after ENT procedures.
 m•doc™ Products
HemCon Nasal Plugs, based on the mdoc technology, are now available for retail as well as for private label consumer products.