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"The HemCon Dental Dressing definitely is a new generation medical device." 
Jay P. Malmquist, DMD, PC

The pioneering HemCon oral wound dressings offer emergency medical professionals, general practitioners, periodontists and oral surgeons innovative dressings for oral mucosal tissue wounds. The dressings becomes adherent when in contact with the oral wound environment and provides a protective layer that can be custom cut to fit your patient’s needs. HemCon Dental Dressings provide a physical barrier to protect the wound surface, while reducing pain.
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Now distributed direct through HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc.

In the U.S. +1.503.245.0459 x.300
Outside the U.S.  & Toll free +1.877.247.0196

Available Sizes: 10 x 12 mm | 1 x 3 inch